University Bridge Fund

The Positive Leader

This September we were delighted to welcome our colleague and global strategist Jan Mühlfeit to Dublin to participate in a series of events to launch the Atlantic Bridge €60m University Bridge Fund at Trinity and UCD.

Jan is Senior Strategic Advisor to Atlantic Bridge, former Chairman Europe of Microsoft Corporation, global strategist, coach and mentor.  His personal mission to “help individuals, organizations and countries around the world to unlock their human potential”.  

Jan has a proven record in building successful teams and organizations.  He has created a unique methodology to find personal uniqueness for individuals and teams, personal vision, and how to implement vision through individual uniqueness.   

Speaking at NovaUCD, Jan said, “An inspirational leader can rouse confidence in times of ambiguity like these, and instil a sense of optimism for the future that might otherwise be missing. But with political leaders dropping like flies and other individuals clamouring to take their place, a number of key questions are brought to the fore. What makes for successful leadership under challenging circumstances? How can we identify a strong, visionary leader? And to what extent does great leadership inspire engagement and success in others over the long term?”

During his lectures at NovaUCD and Trinity Jan answered these questions by introducing his 4Ps of Positive Leadership model. The 4Ps are:

Positive People: ‘Who’- discover and work to your strengths
Positive Purpose: ‘Why’ - identify your mission and vision
Positive Process: ‘How’ - manage energy, not time
Positive Place: ‘Where’ - lead yourself to happiness, and success will follow

Jan Mühlfeit concluded, “Grounded in positive psychology, the 4Ps of Positive Leadership model is my contribution to the leadership field, providing a workable system for any kind of leader and organisation looking for a more positive way to navigate the cut and thrust of the business world.”

His book The Positive Leader, by Jan Mühlfeit and Melina Costi will be published by Pearson, Financial Times Publishing in October 2016.

First Posted by NovaUCD 12 September 2016